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The May 4th Square

../images/tuku/The May 4th Square
../images/tuku/The May 4th Square
../images/tuku/The May 4th Square
../images/tuku/The May 4th Square
../images/tuku/The May 4th Square
../images/tuku/The May 4th Square

Located between the new municipal government building and Fushan bay, the May 4th Square is the centerpiece of downtown Qingdao. It was named after the May 4th Movement.

The May 4th Square is composed of the Shizhengting Square, the central square and the coastal park. These three parts have their own features and the whole square is a combination of local Qingdao features and modern design. 

The May 4th Square is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike, becoming crowded during the warmer months on holidays and weekends, with the area of the square next to the May Wind sculpture often surrounded by kite flyers and tandem bike riders. May 4th Square is sandwiched between Music Square and the Olympic Sailing Venue.

The Square makes for excellent visiting at night. With moist air and a soft sea breeze, it's a wonderful place to have a walk after dinner.