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Tianxin Pavilion

../images/tuku/Tianxin Pavilion
../images/tuku/Tianxin Pavilion
../images/tuku/Tianxin Pavilion
../images/tuku/Tianxin Pavilion
../images/tuku/Tianxin Pavilion
../images/tuku/Tianxin Pavilion

Changsha is a city with long history, and there are some historic sites, while Tianxin Pavilion is one of them. Tianxin Pavilion is a pavilion standing on the ancient walls. It has been famous in Hunan area since ancient times.

It is located on the ancient rampart of Changsha. It was built by the general of comforting the army Yang Xi in 1746, the 11th year of Qianlong Period in Qing Dynasty. The existed pavilion was rebuilt in 1983, of the timberwork-like style, with brown tiles, painted pillars, three layers and corridor.

It was part of the city rampart at that time, with the function of military recovery. Of this part of rampart, there are nine emplacements. There is a attached city, forming a double-city structure of semi-closed. In 1993, the group sculpture of "the Soul of the Army of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom" was built on the ancient rampart of Tianxin Pavilion.

In the pavilion, one can enjoy the whole scenery of Changsha City.