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Tibet Museum

../images/tuku/Tibet Museum
../images/tuku/Tibet Museum
../images/tuku/Tibet Museum
../images/tuku/Tibet Museum
../images/tuku/Tibet Museum
../images/tuku/Tibet Museum

Located at the southeast corner of Norbu Lingka, Lhasa, Tibet Museum is the first modern museum in Tibet. It covers an area of 53,959 square meters and has a floor space of 23,508 square meters including an exhibition area of 10,45 I square meters. The museum building is a pioneering institution in the history of the region. Designed by a Han Chinese architect from Sichuan province, the complex is a wonderful combination of Chinese and Tibetan architectural styles. 

Upon entering the Prelude Hall, visitors' attention will immediately be caught by the colourfully ornamented beams, pillars, lintels, banners and wall hangings. Going forward, visitors will see that the museum is actually sub-catalogued: the first catalogue includes two exhibition halls on the first floor, showing the splendid history of the land and its abundant natural resources; the other catalogue is on the second floor and is comprised of five small exhibition halls that display folk custom, treasures, and arts and crafts of that region.

The museum houses a rich collection of cultural relics including various kinds of cultural relics of pre-history, handwritten Tibetan classics, colorful Thangka pictures, music and ritual instruments, unique handicrafts and pottery. From the exhibition, the visitors can see the long-standing history and profound culture and art of Tibet.

Outside the exhibition hall are green lawns and shadowy trees. Also there are a performance area for modern cultural and physical activities, a garden of local customs and folk culture and manor houses. In addition, the museum has a cultural gallery, handicraft shop and other service facilities. It is a good place for people to relax while visiting the exhibition.