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Tiger Beach Ocean Park

../images/tuku/Tiger Beach Ocean Park
../images/tuku/Tiger Beach Ocean Park
../images/tuku/Tiger Beach Ocean Park
../images/tuku/Tiger Beach Ocean Park
../images/tuku/Tiger Beach Ocean Park
../images/tuku/Tiger Beach Ocean Park

Tiger Beach Ocean Park is also called Laohutan Ocean Park. Locating in the central area of southern shore of Dalian, it covers 1.18 million square meters with an over 4,000 meters long coastal line.

Tiger Beach Ocean Park combines the natural resources and artificial intelligence, forming fascinating scenery along Dalian coast area. The theme of the park is demonstrating oceanic culture, which includes displaying marine animals, marine organism, ocean amusement, and marine popular science education.

Highlights of Tiger Beach Ocean Park

Polar Region Marine Animals World---This area mainly displays polar region marine animals including white whale, polar bear, dolphin, Antarctic penguin, and whale shark, etc.

Coral Pavilion---It is a large and comprehensive pavilion of marine organism that displays coral reef biotic community.

World of Birds---China™s largest artificial birdcage under half state of the nature.

Sea Mammal Pavilion---A pirate ship like pavilion shows the group living style of wild walrus, sea lion, and fur seal.

Whale and Dolphin Square---Visitors can closely see whales and dolphins in an outdoor pavilion, and directly see their activities.

Blue Bay Happy Island---Visitors can get close to the charmingly naive sea dogs living in groups and playing with their family.

Sculpture of Tigers---The largest marble sculpture of animals in China.

Ma Siji Root Carving Art Museum---A gallery of amazing artworks of famous root carving artist Ma Siji. 

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