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Window of the World

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../images/tuku/Window of the World
../images/tuku/Window of the World
../images/tuku/Window of the World
../images/tuku/Window of the World

 Window of the World is one of the three theme parks located inside the Overseas Chinese City, a must-see in Shenzhen favored by geography and architecture loving tourists. It packs in 118 world famous scenic spots and architectural wonders from the Great Pyramids to the Sydney Opera House, allowing visitors to traverse the world at one site. It is one of the national AAAAA level scenic spots.

Window of the World is well-known for presenting the tourists with the most realistic foreign history and culture. There are several shows related to festivals like Saint Valentine's Day, New Year's Day, Easter Day and Christmas letting visitors enjoy a wonderful taste of the culture of all nationalities.

According to the regional structure and sightseeing activities, the Window of the World is divided into the World Plaza, Asia, Europe, Africa, America, Australia and modern science, technology and entertainment district, the World Sculpture Park and the international street with a total 130 spots.Besides the tourist attractions, there are also various entertainments, such as Wild Water, Puzzling World, Alpine ice world and Ocean Diver.

If all the shopping and theme parks have gotten your muscles aching, then it would seem obvious that this city, which moves at a neck-breaking speed, is full of massage salons. Literally any massage salon you visit, whether at a street corner or inside a shopping mall, will be clean, professional, and affordable and above all, immensely relaxing. Many complain that Shenzhen is all about money but money, not necessarily a lot of it, can indeed buy you a lot of satisfaction in this land of material temptations.

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