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Wu family residence

../images/tuku/Wu family residence
../images/tuku/Wu family residence
../images/tuku/Wu family residence
../images/tuku/Wu family residence
../images/tuku/Wu family residence
../images/tuku/Wu family residence

Wu Family Residence is located in the Yingchun Street of Guangfu Town in Hebei Province.

It occupies an area of 9200 square metres. It was built. Daoguang Reign of Qing Dynasty. The residence used to house 75 rooms and now only 42 rooms are existing and lining along three axis of east, middle and east. It is the typical ancient Chinese residence and valuable historical relics. 

Master Wu Yuxiang (1812 - 1880) was a Chinese Taichi Chuan teacher and government official active during the late Qing dynasty. Wu was a scholar from a wealthy and influential family who became a senior student (along with his two older brothers Wu Chengqing and Wu Ruqing of Yang Luchan). Wu also studied for a brief time with a teacher from the Chen family, Chen Chingping, to whom he was introduced by Yang.

There is a relatively large body of writing attributed to Wu on the subject of Taichi Chuan theory, writings that are considered influential by many other schools not directly associated with his style.

His most famous student was his nephew, Li Yiyu (1832 - 1892), who also authored several important works on Taichi Chuan. Li Yiyu had a younger brother who was also credited as an author of at least one work on the subject.

The style of Taichi that Wu taught was eventually known, because of its later transmission by three generations of students of his nephew named Hao, as Wu style Taichi Chuan. Hao Weichen subsequently taught Sun Lutang, the founder of Sun-style Taichi Chuan.