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Wuxi Li Garden

../images/tuku/Wuxi Li Garden
../images/tuku/Wuxi Li Garden
../images/tuku/Wuxi Li Garden
../images/tuku/Wuxi Li Garden
../images/tuku/Wuxi Li Garden
../images/tuku/Wuxi Li Garden

Covering an area of 5.4 hectares, Wuxi Liyuan Garden is one of the most well-known lakeside gardens in China. It is exquisitely designed, and its pavilions, causeways, and corridors, are harmonious in color. The garden got its name from Fan Li, a senior official of the state of Yue who retired to his hometown after defeating the state of Wu. One day after he went boating with one of the most beautiful women in ancient China named Xi Shi, he decided to name the lake Li Lake and the garden was later called Liyuan Garden.

The garden is surrounded by water on three sides. You can see green hills in the distance, and at close range the dike, long corridor, and rockery. The scenery in the garden can be divided into three sections: Man-made hills in the middle section, the scenic spots such as long dike and Four Seasons Pavilions in the west section and abundant spots including Spring and Autumn Pavilion and long corridor in the east section.

In the middle section, man-made hills were piled high in various shapes and styles. Some are sharp and angular, of which some are purely magnificent. There is a stone path which is wide in some sections but narrows in others, also are bright in some sections but obscure in others. Walking along the path can be just like being in a maze. The man-made hills are endowed with more vitality by the lake. The two seem to form a whole unit and bring us a great enjoyment of nature's beauty.

Four Seasons Pavilions are in fact four pavilions - Spring Pavilion, Summer Pavilion, Autumn Pavilion and Winter Pavilion. They were built all in the same style. The pictures of flowers in four seasons are painted on their pillars. Beside each pavilion, a special kind of flower was planted. Plum blossoms are planted beside the Spring Pavilion, and Oleanders are planted beside the Summer Pavilion. Sweet-scented osmanthus can be found by the Autumn Pavilion and Calyx canthus by the Winter Pavilion. Therefore, tourists can enjoy beautiful flowers here in any season.

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