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Xiaoqi Village

../images/tuku/Xiaoqi Village
../images/tuku/Xiaoqi Village
../images/tuku/Xiaoqi Village
../images/tuku/Xiaoqi Village
../images/tuku/Xiaoqi Village
../images/tuku/Xiaoqi Village

Xiaoqi Village is located in Wuyuan County, Jiangxi Province. It is said to be the ancestral home of Jiang Zemin, it is a typical Huizhou paleoecology Folk Culture Village. It is not only has the Zhouzhuang bridges and water style, but also has the Shangri-La serene, more important, it remained the quaint pure real ethnic customs.

Xiaoqi is one of the most famous historical village, the roads of village were made of small stones. First built in the year 787, Xiaoqi boasts many houses with a history of 600 years. These magnificent structures with their unique characteristics are precious treasures left behind by the forefathers of Xiaoqi. The village of Xiaoqi features elegant residences of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, tranquil and zigzagging lanes, paths paved with green cobbles, and dizzying ancient trees. It is one of the most charming ancient cultural and ecological villages in China.

The park for appreciating ancient rare trees in Xiaoqi has a collection of more than one thousand ancient camphor trees and firs. The park not only well demonstrates the ancient residents of Xiaoqi worshipping for green, but also beautifies the environment.

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