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Xilamuren grassland

../images/tuku/Xilamuren grassland
../images/tuku/Xilamuren grassland
../images/tuku/Xilamuren grassland
../images/tuku/Xilamuren grassland
../images/tuku/Xilamuren grassland
../images/tuku/Xilamuren grassland

Xilamuren, which means "yellow river" in Mongolian, is also known as Zhaohe. Xilamuren Grassland, 90 km north of Hohhot, is the nearest grassland to Hohhot and was the earliest tourist attraction that opened in Inner Mongolia. Blue sky, white clouds, rolling hills, lush green grass and wandering flocks and herds have made it an attractive place for people to stay in summer.

On Xilamuren Grassland, there is a Lama Temple, Puhui Temple, that was constructed in 1769 during the reign of Emperor Qianlong. It is a must see part of your trip to Xilamuren Grassland. Originally it was the temporary palace for the sixth Xilituzhao living Buddha. Now it is a complex of three halls with carved ceilings and painted beams. The beautiful Xilamuren River surrounds the temple, presenting a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.

The Nadam Fair is a traditional event held each summer, usually starting on the 6th of June on Chinese Lunar Calendar, and lasting for 3-10 days. During the fair, the whole grassland is throbbing with excitement and is full of activities. You can even take part in some of the competitions that you are interested in. You also can find out what it is like to live in a yurt, where one can also take part in a grand campfire party, replete with singing and dancing and general merrymaking, until one drops from exhaustion.

Tourists can experience a great many activities, such as living in a yurt, a camp fire party, singing and dancing, watching camel racing, horse racing, and wrestling.