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Xinghai Square

../images/tuku/Xinghai Square
../images/tuku/Xinghai Square
../images/tuku/Xinghai Square
../images/tuku/Xinghai Square
../images/tuku/Xinghai Square
../images/tuku/Xinghai Square

Xinghai Square is also called Xinghai Plaza, which was initially a wasted salt field along the sea in Dalian, Liaoning Province. In 1993, the government started to make a marine reclamation land with construction waste. The Xinghai Square is star-shaped as Xinghai means star and sea. Being completed in 1997, this field became the largest public square in Asia.

Famous Tourism Attractions of Xinghai Square

Ornamental Column---In the center of Xinghai Square, there is a white marble ornamental column with a height of 19.97 meters and a diameter of 1.997 meters. The ornamental column was built for celebrating the return of Hong Kong to China. It is the largest ornamental column in China.

Xinghai Castle---The Dalian Shell Museum was built inside Xinghai Castle. Locating at the southeast corner of Xinghai Square, this museum is the only one in China and the largest one of the world that combines various functions including shell-fish researching, science popularization education, exhibition, collection, and international exchanging. However, in 2010 the museum moved to the west of Tiaoyue Bridge. And the Xinghai Castle became a five-star hotel. 

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