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West Hill

../images/tuku/West Hill
../images/tuku/West Hill
../images/tuku/West Hill
../images/tuku/West Hill
../images/tuku/West Hill
../images/tuku/West Hill

West hill is located 15 kilometers west of Kunming, consisting of Hua Tingshan, Tai Huanshan, Luo Hanshan etc. The altitude of the hill is about 1900 meters to 2350 meters. Since the shape is like a lying Buddha, it is also called Wo Fo Shan.

The Huating Temple, Taihua Temple, and Samcheonggak are the main attractions of the West Hill. After years of construction, The Huating Temple is the largest Buddhist temple in Kunming with a history of 900 years. Here the Buddha and the five hundred Arhats statue are much characterized and the couplets are of great interest. The Huating Temple is well-known for its unique charm. Surrounded by jungle giant brake, it was favored and praised by many poets. 

Located in the highest peak of west hill, Taihua Temple, also known as the Buddha Yan Temple still remains the Yuan Dynasty architectural. Hidden in the bamboo trees, with the simple and elegant architectural style and a wide pxpanse of mist-covered waters of the five hundred Dianchi, the Taihua Temple forms quite spectacular scenery.

Samcheonggak is a small Korean-style mountainside built with pure Granite wood. Since it is near Cheong Wa Dae, the official residence of the President of South Korea, hence the nearby forest retained undeveloped during Korea's miraculous economic growth. With six floors, it is about 2.6 meters high.