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Xuanwu Lake

../images/tuku/Xuanwu Lake
../images/tuku/Xuanwu Lake
../images/tuku/Xuanwu Lake
../images/tuku/Xuanwu Lake
../images/tuku/Xuanwu Lake
../images/tuku/Xuanwu Lake

Xuanwu Lake, located outside the northeastern city wall of Nanjing, is a beautiful scenic spot protected by China connected with the urban area through Xuanwu Gate and Jiefang Gate. It is also one of the three most famous lakes in Nanjing.

The history of Xuanwu Lake can be traced back to the Pre-Qin period. The name of the lake has changed several times during its long history. The name Xuanwu came about from a black dragon that was said to be in the lake.

There are five isles in the lake: Huan Isle, Ying Isle, Liang Isle, Cui Isle and Ling Isle. When you are on the Huan Isle, you can see that the leaves of willows wave gently with the wind and feel the mild wind from the lake that blows tenderly on your face. The Ying Isle is famous for its cherry blossoms. When the cherry blossoms bloom in the early spring, the isle seems to be an ocean of flowers. Liang Isle is the one that was developed earlier than the other four. Annually, the grand traditional exhibition of chrysanthemums is held there. On the Cui Isle, there are dark green pines, emerald green cypresses, tender willows, and light green bamboos. To the east of Ling Isle, you can see the beautiful clouds drifting across Zhong Mountain.

Each island has wonderful scenery: Nuona Tower on Huan Isle is full of special serene ambience. Wumiao Zha on Ling Isle also has a long history. Other places like the Lotus Garden on Ying Isle and the Hushen Miao on Liang Isle are also worth visiting.