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Yellow Dragon Cave

../images/tuku/Yellow Dragon Cave
../images/tuku/Yellow Dragon Cave
../images/tuku/Yellow Dragon Cave
../images/tuku/Yellow Dragon Cave
../images/tuku/Yellow Dragon Cave
../images/tuku/Yellow Dragon Cave

Yellow Dragon Cave is located in the east of the Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Nuclear Scenery. It has been honored as supernatural cave in China and wonder of the world cavities. It covers an area of 48 hectares and is 15 kilometers long. The Yellow Dragon Cave is the longest one in Asia, and it is an incomparable realm of gigantic subterranean chambers, fantastic cave formations, and extraordinary features.

As a typical karst formation, you know that water plays an extremely important role in its development. Flowing into the fissures of the karst layer, water constantly dissolves the limestone rock, thereby widening the crevice. This process continues year after year and thus the caves are created.

Yellow Dragon Cave is always a "mysterious place". The waterway within the cave is called Yellow Dragon Spring and it keeps flowing year around. It is said that long, long ago this region suffered a severe drought, so a wizard named He Junru, accompanied by his disci- ples, entered the cave and beseeched the dragon to send water.

After visiting the yard, you can also taste the local flavors, such as Tianhua Steamed Stuffed Dumplings, Ten-Flavor Dumpling Soup, Steam Cake, and so on. People said that these flavors were very popular in Song Dynasty (960--1279A.D.). You can also listen to the ancient Chinese music in the pavilion. This antique yard can make your travel more.