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Yiling Cave Rock

../images/tuku/Yiling Cave Rock
../images/tuku/Yiling Cave Rock
../images/tuku/Yiling Cave Rock
../images/tuku/Yiling Cave Rock
../images/tuku/Yiling Cave Rock
../images/tuku/Yiling Cave Rock

Yiling Cave Rock is about 30km north of Nanning and is surrounded by the same karst mountains that made Guilin and Yangshuo famous. The main attraction at Yiling Cave Rock is the massive cave complex, which was originally an underground river.


According to the geologists, the cave was formed about one million years ago. Covering an area around 24,000 square meters, the cave is 45 meters deep. The touring area runs over 1100 meters with a total eight scenic area and more than 100 spots.


The shell shaped cave has three levels and burrows 45m below ground at its deepest. With an assortment of rock formations that were formed over thousands of years, the stalactites and stalagmites are eerily lit up and make for a unique visual treat. The whole cave site has an area of 4km² and is over 1km long, you won't need to worry about getting lost though, and the cave pathways are clearly marked.


With the bamboo dance, folk songs, ethnic food tasting, Zhuang pole dancing and the family workshop, Yiling Cave Rock represent the pristine Zhuang culture. In addition, the scenic area also includes children's park, recreation corridor and hotels with elegant and comfortable environment, which makes it a wonderful place for vacation, tourism, resort and conference.


Yiling Cave Rock is as famous as Reed Flute Cave in Guilin, but the scenery sets inside the Yiling Cave Rock has its own characteristics. Its magnificent colors of Zhuang minotry and the strong smell of soil makes it very unique from the strange and majestic Reed Flute Cave.

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