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Yongding Hakka Earth Buildings

../images/tuku/Yongding Hakka Earth Buildings
../images/tuku/Yongding Hakka Earth Buildings
../images/tuku/Yongding Hakka Earth Buildings
../images/tuku/Yongding Hakka Earth Buildings
../images/tuku/Yongding Hakka Earth Buildings
../images/tuku/Yongding Hakka Earth Buildings

Yongding Hakka Earth Buildings, also known as Tulou or Fujian Round Building, is a bright pearl of Chinese civilization and the one and only village residence building in the world. Its large-scale, unique style, long history and sophisticated structure make it a miracle in Chinese architectural history. They are mainly distributed in Fujian province, Longyan, Zhangzhou and other regions. 

The Earth Buildings are of collective construction based on soil walls that present in round, half round, square, four square, five angle, spot, dustpan shapes, all with own characteristics. Usually there are grain, livestock and a well inside the building. If there are enemies appear, just closed the gate and let several strong men guard the door, the earth building will be impregnable and the young and old as well as the women and the children can sleep without any anxiety. The square-shaped building has directions, hence the four angles are dark and the ventilation and daylight is different. In order to improve the housing conditions, the Hakka people has designed the round earth building, which has no beginning and no end and the ventilation and daylight is normally the same. Among the existing buildings, the round Yongding Hakka Earth Building attracts the most attention, locally known as round village.

Many of the Yongding Hakka Earth Buildings are designed according to Chinese eight diagrams and Chinese traditional culture was deeply carved inside the building, among which the most typical and representative one is the vibration into floor, also called Bagua Lou. It is considered an unbelievable work to build such an earth building with sewage and environmental protection conscious. The building is characterized as anti earthquake, wind, theft and fire. In 1985, chairman of Japanese youth for friendship with foreign countries Mr. Morita Yonghao gave a very high compliment.  

There are other Yongding Hakka Earth Buildings that are worth visiting: Chengqi building-the king of the buildings, Shenyuan building-the biggest round building, Yijing building-the biggest square building, Rusheng building- the vest-pocket building, Kuiju building-the palatial building, Fuxin building-the oldest building.