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Yuantong Temple

../images/tuku/Yuantong Temple
../images/tuku/Yuantong Temple
../images/tuku/Yuantong Temple

Situated in the downtown region of Kunming City, Yuantong Temple is among the oldest and largest temples in Kunming, boasting a history of more than 1200 years. The construction of Yuantong Temple was originally begun in the Tang Dynasty.

Yuantong Temple complex mainly consists of Yuantong Fairyland Archway (Yuan Tong Sheng Jing Fang), the Majestic Hall (Yuan Tong Bao Dian), the Octagonal Pavilion (Ba Jiao Ting), Copper Buddha Hall (Tong Fo Dian), and Tibetan Esoteric Hall (Mi Zong Dian) etc. By visiting Yuantong Temple, you will experience Chinese Buddhism (Mahayana or Big Wheel), Southern Buddhism (Theravada or Small Wheel) and Tibetan Buddhism (Lamaism or Tibetan Esoteric Sect).

Buddhist visitors especially appreciate the 500 Buddhist Arhats wall carvings that can be found in the temple. As an important Buddhist site in Kunming, people also gather in the Yuantong Temple on the 1st and 15th of each lunar month to take part in different kinds of Buddhism services held there.