‘Wild China’ Programme 5

Programme 5 gave us an insight into the life of pandas in the wild. Before anybody asks us to arrange to see pandas in the wild I must say that the footage that the BBC showed last night was unique; as a tourist it is impossible to see Pandas in the Wild.

We do have arrangements with Wolong Panda reserve to enable our clients to work as volunteers in the research station – this is a great experience for those people who really do want to get up close and personal with a Panda.

For me the best bit of last nights show was the segment about Jiuzhaigou and Mount Emei, these areas are little explored by westerners although popular with the city dwelling Chinese.

As the programme announcer said at the start of the programme “this edition of the series was filmed before the recent earthquake”, I am afraid much of what we saw last night has now be devastated and many thousands of the population have been displaced as well as countless people, in these rural areas, having lost their lives.

Please keep an eye on our web site www.chinaholidays.travel for the latest news about the recovery that the population in Sichuan Province are making and when tourist can again visit this lovely area of Wild China.

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