Wild China – last in the series

The last programme has now been transmitted and what a brilliant conclusion to this fascinating series it was.

The title of this programme Tides of Change gives us a clue as to its contents. With a coast line that stretches nearly 2,000 miles from the Yellow Sea in the north through the East China Sea and finishing in the South China Sea we see a huge variety of bird life and the numerous bird sanctuaries that exist along the coast line.

I am not a ‘twitter’ but I would just love to see the sight of the migrating Cranes – can you imagine what a sight it must be – I was so surprised to hear that an estimated 3 million birds migrate along the Chinese coast .

The programme also gave us tantalising glimpses of the tea plantation and terraced field of rice cultivation – I have been lucky enough to see many such areas within China and I can assure you that they are indeed just a beautiful as they were shown on Wild China. What is difficult to appreciate on a TV programme is the quietness of the areas, well away from the crowds of local tourist.

I was fascinated to hear that the Chinese tourism industry was worth an estimated £75 billion to the Chinese economy (from my experience I would guess at least 75% of this income comes from the local Chinese exploring their own country) rather than hordes of overseas visitors

Well – I will now need to find something else to do on Sunday evenings – let’s hope the BBC soon do a repeat run of the programmes.