Top 10 Tibetan souvenirs

When you are traveling in Tibet, it’s really nice to collect some souvenirs. Here are some recommendations for you from People’s Daily online. You can also get very nice gifts on if the ones on the list are not what you’re looking for.

Have you been to China’s Tibet? Do you know what souvenirs are worth buying during your travels in Tibet?

Let’s have a look at the top 10 Tibetan souvenirs.

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1. Tibetan Carpets

Tibetan Carpets are traditional handicrafts of the Tibetan people, and they are not only well-known throughout China, but also sold to many foreign countries including India, Nepal and Bhutan. It is one of the world’s top three famous carpets. Besides Tibetan carpets, footcloths and rugs, there are also other handicrafts such as saddle cushions, decorations made from the skulls of large livestock.

2. Tibetan Knives

Tibetan knives with delicate carvings and exquisite silver ornaments on the sheath may not only be used for cutting meat and self-defense, but can also serve as a special decoration. It is a personal necessity for all people regardless of age and sex among the Tibetan people.

3. Religious souvenirs

At the mere mention of Tibetan religion, we all see an image of the mysterious Tibetan Buddhism with regional features and strong ethnic colors. Corresponding handicraft souvenirs are symbols of the long-standing religious history of Tibet, and always leave mysterious impressions on people.

Examples of such religious souvenirs include figures of Buddha, Thangka, Hadda, Dharma wheels and others.

4. Masks

Tibetan masks are handicrafts derived from religion. The masks include ghosts, monsters, celestial beings and animal totems appearing in religious dance ceremonies and significant festivals such as the guardian of Buddhism, Pelden Lhamo and Hayagriva hanging in temples, and various figures in history and in Tibetan opera. Although such techniques are abstract, symbolic and metaphorical, they endow the personalized feature to the colors, making each mask color represent a kind of fixed character, rich in unique aesthetic appeal of Tibet.

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5. Pulu

The Pulu, the transliteration of its Tibetan name, is also called Tibetan wool fabric. It is said pulu has a history of over 2,000 years and it is a type of handmade wool fabric in mixed colors such as black, red and green. Thanks to its strong durability and warmth, pulu is used not only as the main material of Tibetan clothing, shoes and hats, but also as blankets and souvenirs. It was once one of Tibet’s major articles of tribute. The most famous pulu is made in Zalang, Nagarzê, Gyangzê, Markam and other counties.

Material: wool is used as its basic material, and rubia cordifolia, rhubarb, buckwheat and walnut shell is used as dye.

6. Sheepskin painting

The Sheepskin painting, one of Tibet’s unique cultural and artistic forms, is a type of pure handmade painting that is made from an entire sheep’s hide and wool. Sheepskin paintings are painted with natural colored stones to depict the life and culture of Tibetan people. Made with highly delicate skill, a sheepskin painting has a concave and convex surface showing a strong 3-dimensional sense. Sheepskin paintings are thick and heavy in colors to demonstrate both the refreshing atmosphere of snow-capped mountains and marshlands, and the bold and mighty style of Tibetan people. Sheepskin paintings have frames with exquisite decorations, and are easy to preserve and do not fade or deform easily. Sheepskin paintings are not only a good choice for home decoration and souvenirs for friends, but they also have the high collection value.

7. Tibetan joss sticks

Tibetan joss sticks are an essential for Tibetan people worshiping the Buddha, driving out evil spirits and holding religious activities. The smell of the sticks is soft, unique, fragrant and lasting. Tibetan joss stick culture also brought the sticks many fantastic and mysterious legends. Stick makers always pay great attention to the raw material of the sticks when making them, and their handicrafts are unique and outstanding. According to some the smoke of the sticks can drive out evil spirits, improve people’s metabolism, strengthen people’s immunity and rest and relax people’s minds, and they can also clean and sterilize the air. If you put the sticks in a closet, they can not only make the clothes smell good but also sterilize clothes and expel worms. Some Tibetan joss sticks that contain special ingredients can even prevent and cure infectious and epidemic diseases.

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8. Tibetan jewelry

Tibetan jewelry are polished out of coral, agate, yak bone, Tibetan silver and other materials only available on the Tibetan plateau. They are polished by Tibetans not only in the pursuit of beauty, but they can also bring auspiciousness or avoid evils, and make people who wear it look more generous and bold.

9. Tibetan medicine

Tibetan medicine, which was created over 2,000 years ago, is one of the ethnic medicines that remained well-preserved and influential in China. Through long-term practices and extensive information gathering, Tibetan medicine has formed a unique medicine system that integrates Chinese, Indian, Persian and Arabian medicine and other medical theories. Cardiovascular disease, tumor and other diseases respond well to many Tibetan medicines. For example, the 70-flavor Pearl, which is made of 70 precious medicines such as pearl, saffron, Calculus bovis, musk, agate, coral and gold, serves to tranquilize the mind, adjust blood pressure, and make the body stronger, while paralysis, unstable blood pressure, concussions among other diseases respond well to it.

10. Ox horn combs

Ox horn is a precious Chinese medicine that can clear away heat and toxic materials, nourish yin and cool blood, lower blood pressure, remove damp, and treat unhealthy urinary systems and remove stones from the body. The Tibetans make combs out of natural ox horn. The long-term use of ox horn combs will prevent hair loss, clear away heat and cool blood, make you feel refreshed, reduce mental pressure, adjust blood pressure, avoid headaches, relax muscles and activate blood circulation, and enhance cellular immunity, and will help combat neurosis. Because the ox horn comb is polished by hand from natural materials, every comb bears a unique “flaw.” Ox horn combs are good gifts for friends and relatives because they not only keep you fit, but also are worthy of collecting.

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