The Calling from Kenting

This article is from, it’s really impressive. Kenting is a popular destination in southern Taiwan.

Kenting is a popular destination in southern Taiwan.

Kenting has long been famous for its Thailand beach kind of atmosphere, with its alluring sands and relaxed charms.

The busiest season in Kenting, according to Jack Wu, general manager of Caesar Park Hotel, is the end of June to the end of August.

“For me, the best time of the year to be in Kenting is actually right now, because the sun continues to shine brightly, yet the town is not so crowded,” Wu says.

An atypical park

Situated on the east coast of Kenting National Park is Longpan Park. The scenic site is situated on the edge of some breathtakingly steep cliffs, where visitors are presented with a panoramic view of the grand Pacific. The water is so close you can almost taste it in the air.

Besides the spectacular view is what tour guide Chen Jing-shan understatedly calls a “gentle breeze”. It was so strong it caused my cheeks to ripple.

Since the Pacific winds blow northward, the southern tip of Taiwan naturally receives the full force of their blasts. According to Chen, who has lived in Kenting for more than two decades, the winds are often stronger than a level 12 typhoon.

Even so the cliffs are safe because the wind blows inland, rather than blowing people off the cliffs.

You can take a short 200-m stroll up the hill from the visitors’ viewing platform and walk toward the sea to experience the fun atmosphere of Longpan Park. The view is inspirational.

It is certainly no surprise that a place of such magnificence is often chosen as a location for music videos or television commercials. The park is also the perfect spot for stargazers due to its lack of light pollution.

The southernmost tip of Taiwan is Cape Eluanbi. The Pacific on its left and the Bashi Channel on its right envelope this corner of the island. The view is extraordinary, as you witness the two bodies of water merge into one.

The best place to watch the waters crash and roll is at Eluanbi Lighthouse, Taiwan’s oldest, built in 1888. To get there, you must pass through Eluanbi Park, established in 1982.

The lighthouse is called the “Light of East Asia” because it is the most powerful in Taiwan. It is 21.4 m tall and is in the grounds of a 59-hectare garden with interesting botanical features, near a number of recreational facilities.

The luscious emerald color of this spot brings out the blueness of the sea as you look down from the lighthouse.

Sailing a stone

Known as Sail Stone, the 18-m rock is found near the coast, alongside Ping-er Freeway.

The stone got its name because, from a distance, it looks similar to a ship about to set sail. Interestingly, some people have suggested the stone, from the front, looks like the head of former President Richard Nixon of the United States.

Naturalists from Kenting National Park have pondered the origin of the Sail Stone. Initial theories suggested the stone had risen from the water over time; but the consensus now is that the stone simply rolled down from the mountains centuries ago, judging from a trail that appears to be the “rolling route”.

Made of coral, the area around Sail Stone is often crowded with scuba divers as a lot of aquatic life and coral can be discovered here.

Twilight offers the best time to take in a softly lit sea view. Situated across from Caesar Park Kenting Hotel is a hidden beach known as Xiaowan – literally “little seashore”. With parts of the beach managed by the five-star hotel since 2003, water sports such as rowing and snorkeling have become accessible and organized in a safe manner for visitors.

Xiaowan is also special because it houses the only beach bar in town – the Xiaowan Bar. Friendly waitresses and waiters provide an appropriate “holiday ambiance”. With homegrown mint, the mojitos here are one of a kind. Juices freshly squeezed from local fruits are also available here for children and teetotalers.

Every night (excluding Tuesdays), a live band performs from 9pm to 11pm, making the whole experience even more relaxing and memorable. So with all these hotspots waiting for you in Kenting, what are you waiting for?