Shanghai World Expo – Good Chance to Take Your China Tour

2010 World Expo is coming! It will be hosted in the vibrant city of Shanghai from May 1 to October 31, 2010. The theme of the 2010 Expo is “Better City, Better Life,” in Shanghai Expo you will explore future urban environments with your imagination. Shanghai 2010 Expo will take place in the center of Shanghai in a massive 5 square kilometer (2 square miles) site, along both sides of the Huangpu River.

Over 200 national and other pavilions will be represented, with 70 million visitors expected, making Shanghai 2010 World Expo a real global event focused on exchanging ideas in science, technology and culture. Travelers and visitors will be treated to fabulous architecture—from the Chinese pavilion’s traditional red, wooden inverted-pyramid design to the Swiss pavilion’s revolving chair lift system and the United Arab Emirates’ sand-dune concept.

In 2010 Expo, each pavilion will showcase actual cultural treasures on site, such as Denmark’s Little Mermaid statue and Finland’s saunas. Exhibits will be tied into theme of urbanization, including showcasing technology to combat global warming and bicycles for a greener urban lifestyle. Visitors will also get to sample the participating countries’ food, fashion and cultural entertainment, with more than 20,000 events planned for the 6-month period.

Admission tickets are required for all visitors. All together, there are nine types of tickets covering individuals and groups, including Peak Day tickets, when the largest crowds are expected (Peak Days include the Labor Day holiday from May 1-3, National Day holiday from Oct. 1-7 and the last week of the Expo, Oct. 25-31).

Is it worth visiting?
The New York Times and Lonely Planet both list the World Expo in Shanghai among the top travel destinations for 2010. The city is transforming itself, spending tens of billions of dollars to add parks and sidewalks to the famed waterfront area of the Bund; build new highways and subway lines; repair roads and renovate districts; and expand the Pudong airport.

Actually, not everyone fond of this kind of events. You may want a peaceful and quiet place or whatever, please feel free to contact us for recommendations.

Shanghai Expo Tours of China Holidays
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