Tips for Eco-travel

Nowadays as eco-tourism has become a new trend. If you want to take an eco-trip and avoid overspending, here are some tips that we recommend.

1. Print out maps and information before setting off.

Set aside those expensive and heavy guidebooks and use online resources to plan and book your trip. Only when necessary, print out maps and other materials at home on recycled paper.

2. Pack lightly

Make a packing list, edit it several times, and cross off everything you don’t absolutely need. By reducing the weight of their luggage, travelers can significantly cut greenhouse gas emissions.

3. Solar-powered chargers

Use solar-powered chargers for your camera, cell phone and music player. Solar-powered chargers can reduce carbon emissions and free you from electrical plugs.

4. Eat local

Visit a local farmer’s market, shop at a locally owned grocery store and choose locally owned restaurants that buy local food. Locally produced food is a tastier and more sustainable option.

5. Buy handicrafts

Try to support the local people. You can do so by buying locally made eco-friendly handicrafts. Never buy any animal products or anything that may be harmful to the environment.

6. Change clothes less often

Take some pure cotton and quick-dry clothes on your trip. Clothing that dries quickly makes life easier so you can do your own laundry and quickly have it ready to go. If you aren’t into doing laundry too often, take some older clothing that you are almost ready to throw away, and then you can lighten your luggage when you go home by tossing them out.

7. Use greener methods of transportation

Use alternative modes of transportation (walking, riding a bicycle) as much as possible. They provide a more sustainable way to get around and a healthier and more enjoyable way to get to know the place you are visiting.

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