Welcome to Mongolian Nadaam Festival

Nadaam Festival is one of the most important festivals in Inner Mongolia and is held on the fourth day of the sixth lunar month. As nadaam means recreation, games and the joy of harvest in Mongolian, herdsmen play various kinds of games, such as horse racing, wrestling and archery, to celebrate the good harvest and hope for a prosperous life in the next year.
This year, Nadaam Festival starts July 25. In these days, tourists could admire the wide green grassland, crystal clear sky and unique Mongolian delicacies but also receive warm welcome, admire the three arts of Mongolian men and fully enjoy the amazing singing and dancing performance by the bonfire.
If you would like to have a relaxing trip to escape from the hustle and bustle of metropolis, if you want to get a close to the fabulous natural creation, if you would like to view the masculine arts of strong Mongolian men, Mongolian Nadaam Festival is your perfect choice. You could also try the horse riding on your own and sing and dance with the talented local herdsmen on the trip.
We are waiting for you by the Mongolian yurt on the sweeping grasslands!

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