Tour in Qingdao: China in a Foreign Eye

Getting bored of the noise, hot, bustle and hustle of big city, I am crazy of escaping to a tranquil island and having a unique tour in China. And my friend recommended Qingdao to me and it turned to a perfect choice to me.

I spent four days in Qingdao last June and here are some attractions I like very much.

Lao Shan
Lao Shan stands on the eastern part of Qingdao, the Laoshan district. It is one of the place where Taoism first organized and one of Taoism’s most important pilgrimage destinations. In the past, Taoist priests living on the mountain were conferred with special privileges. Nowadays, it is famous for its spring water, which is considered as the best in China. It is also this spring water that makes the Qingdao Beer tasty. Not only the beer but also fruit and vegetables sold by peddlers along the footpath are very fresh sweet and delicious!
There are many routes up the mountain and many hidden trails make it joy to explore. Some quaint halls and palaces on the mountain are colorful and attractive even though I do not quite understand the spirit or core meaning of them. And I remembered the Dragon Pool Fall on the south of the peak is gorgeous and amazing. Because if the high winds, the water is blown into spray that resembles a thundershower mire than a curtain of water. But be careful on this spot as it is quite high and a little dangerous.

Bada Guan
Since Qingdao has been occupied by Germany and Japanese armies in the Second World War, many buildings and architectures have the feature of European countries, especially the famous Bada Guan. It was tranquil, clean and relaxing when I scrolled on the street.
Now Bada Guan sports ten streets lined with 100 exotic villas. The most interesting thing is that each street is planted with different type of plants, maple in Juyong Pass Road, peach in Shaoguan Road and pine in Zijing Pass Road. It is said that local residences could tell which street they are only based on the plants. All the year round there are always various plants bioom in Bada Guan, therefore, Bada Guan is also called Flower Street.
It is an ideal place for the lovers. You could take photos on the beautiful street, visit the exotic villas, bath with a yearlong sea breeze and even have a tent! I could easily see the reason why years age so many people would like to have a home there.
Besides, the No. 2 Bathing Beach is also a good place to go in summer.

Zhan Qiao
When I asked the local people in Qingdao which one is the symbol of Qingdao, they always told me Zhan Qiao. It used to be a dock built by Germans and now becomes a famous scenic spot.
Walking on Zhan Qiao, I could see the little whit lighthouse on the island far away. On the bank, there are not only modern skyscrapers and shopping mall, but also old styled mansions and green plants. Not matter the tides are rising or ebbing, you could always get an unrestricted view of the ocean. I fed the seagulls and collected seashells with local on the beach by Zhan Qiao when the tide is out. It is such a fun!
You could also choose Zhanqiao Park in the northern end the No. 6 Bathing Beach nearby.

Qingdao International Beer Festival
I heard the Qingdao International Beer Festival in the late August is also a quite a good option for the beer lovers as the city is famous for its Qingdao Beer in the world. At that time, the city will become the carnival of beers, laughter, parades and live performances. In the festival you could also have chance to taste different kinds of beers from other countries such as Japan, USA and Germany. I really hope I could join in the great event next time!

As for food, I like the seafood barbecue and dumplings, rib rice and a kind of jelly curd made from certain seaweed. Seafood and cold beer are absolutely a delicacy for me and they are so delicious!!!

I think Qingdao is absolutely a paradise especially in summer!
I hope you could have a good tour in China just like me!