A nip of nature on Beijing’s outskirts

City dwellers in Beijing often find themselves longing for fresh air, blue skies and green trees. Such pleasures often demand long trips and mountains of spare time. But those unable to take a big vacation can still enjoy themselves for a few days just outside the city.
A mere 80 kilometers outside the hustle and bustle of Beijing lay a refreshing mountain escape. Green trees, brown earth and sky-blue skies make for a wonderful contrast to the sometimes drab city life.
It’s a breath of fresh air literally. A tourist said, “It’s remarkable that just a short trip outside the city has air that is so much cleaner and crisper. It feels great. I really like this place!”

Fragrant landscape
This lavender field is a tourist favorite and a producer of many pictures amidst the wonderfully fragrant landscape. Visitors can even make lavender oils and soaps with the help of locals.

Huairou Movie and Television studio
Another popular attraction nearby is the Huairou Movie and Television studio. A costume worn by renowned actor Chow Yun-Fat in the 2006 epic “Curse of Golden Flower” is an especially big draw.
A tourist said, “This is a new experience for me! Scenes from film and TV shows appear right in front of you!”

Delicious meal
But no trip would be complete without a delicious meal. Here at this local resort they have something special on offer – rainbow trout.
A tourist said, “The rainbow trout dishes here are very good! So I come here a lot, just for the yummy food.”
If you’re looking for a beautiful and exciting getaway from the city, Miyun may be just right. And it’s not too demanding on the schedule. Leave Saturday morning and you can be back in time for dinner on Sunday night, refreshed and ready to tackle the work week.