Peking University in Fall: A Symphony of Colors

Beijing’s history and sights are too many to count, but some of its highlights are tucked away inside institutions of higher education, off the tourist track. Yes, guards keep watch of everybody entering the premises (and have been known to stop groups that don’t look scholarly) but foreigners who look like they know where they’re going will walk through without a hitch. Particularly in fall, Peking University (known as Bei Da to Chinese folk) abounds with jaw-dropping beautiful views, mostly around central Weiming Hu Lake.
It’s a popular spot for students to relax and for shutterbugs to exercise their cameras. In the still morning, the lake becomes a perfect mirror, reflecting the colors of autumn and the surrounding traditional architecture.
The university is celebrated for its splendid campus grounds though (appropriately) it’s better known for its academic record. Ranked as 44th best university on the planet this year, it is also often ranked as the top university in Beijing. Mao Zedong himself got his start here, and likely pondered Karl Marx while gazing over Weiming Hu Lake and its surrounding lush landscapes.