Guangxi: A Colorful Paradise

I just returned from Yangshuo and Guilin for a week of travel. Our travel guide was Lisa Li. She is based in Yangshuo but can organize activities in the Guilin/Longji/Yangshuo area. She was extremely well organized and thorough.
Our first stop was the Elephant Trunk Hill, the Reed Flute Cave. The Elephant Trunk Hill was located on the western bank of Li River. I had to admit Guilin was greatly blessed by the Creator. Without getting near to it and appreciating from all directions, you could never image a hill could bore such a striking resemblance with a real elephant. It looked like an elephant drinking water with its long trunk. Tourist guide told us it was 55-meter high above the water, formed by the pure limestone from 360 million years ago. The Reed Flute Cave, which is praised as “the art hall created by nature” into the hole we were greeted by a variety of natural rocks in all shapes, together with colorful lights. We felt as if we were in the mythological world. The Fubo Mountain. Half of the graceful lone peak of the hill is in the river and the other half is on land. On top of the hill one sees exquisite scenery like a traditional Chinese painting.

The second day tour to We visited the Longji rice terraces, 60 square kilometers of terraced rice fields in southeast of Longsheng. The terraced fields are built along the slope winding from the riverside up to the mountaintop, with the highest place of an elevation of 885m and the lowest 380m.
The last site we take the Cruise of Li River and go to Yangshuo, the water was sparklingly clear so that one could see its gleaming pebble-paved bottom with lively fish and shrimp darting about. One could easily get a pebble and toy with it, and then brought it home. It was free souvenir. I disembark after 2 hours and our luggage were carried with car, we walk onto Yangshuo west street as we like fresh air. There are many café shop and local characteristic shop. You can learn Taichi and cooking here if you like.
The next day, we set out again on bikes this time following the river down towards Yulong Bridge. During the arduous three-hour ride along labyrinthine back roads, we saw a whole new countryside — the land stretching ahead in endlessly beautiful fields framed by mountains on one side and a river on the other, the air becoming tinged with flower scents and breezes that rise easily off the water.

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