Shanghai Museum: Paradise of Knowledge

I left half day free in Shanghai Museum when I had my 4-day-trip (book on the Internet with in Shanghai. This is really a different place from the other famous visiting spots. This is a place full of knowledge. This museum possesses over 1000,000 objects. All of these are rich and high quality collections of ancient Chinese bronze, ceramics, painting and calligraphy etc.
The Shanghai Museum was first open to the public in 1952 in the building previously of the horseracing club at 325 W. Nanjing Road. Then it was moved into the former Zhonghui Building at 16 S. Henan Road in 1959. The museum developed very quickly in aspects of acquisition, conservation, research, exhibition, education and cultural exchanges with other institutes. In 1992, the Shanghai municipal government allocated to the Museum a piece of land at the very center of the city, the People’s Square, as its new site. The whole construction took three years, from August 1993 to its inauguration on October 12th, 1996. The 29.5 meters high new building has a construction space of 39,200 square meters. Its unique architectural form of a round top with a square base, symbolizing the ancient Chinese philosophy that the square earth is under the round sky, is a distinguished architectural combination of traditional feature and modern spirit. The present Shanghai Museum has eleven galleries and three special temporary exhibition halls. It extends warm welcome to the visitors from all over the world.
The museum has Galleries of Chinese Ancient Bronze, Chinese Ancient Ceramics, Chinese Paintings, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Ancient Sculpture, Ancient Jade, Coin, Ming and Qing Furniture, Chinese Seals, Minority Nationalities’ Art. If you would like to know more about China, this is one of the best places you must visit.
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