Visit to Luzhi Water Town

Last week I visited Suzhou last week and had the opportunity to go to Luzhi. I have to say it is such a surprise in my tour. I have not known it before I came to China but my guide Nancy strongly suggest it to me as I have a day free to travel around.
Luzhi is an amazing place. The old stone bridges, limpid water, venerable maidenhair trees and old-style dwellings always attract my eyes. It is just what I dreamed a China town should be!
Besides the natural beauty, Luzhi town is also famous for several historic and cultural relics, such as Baosheng temple, the Wansheng Rice Company and the White Lotus Flower Temple of the North Song dynasty.
In Luzhi there are so many quaint stone bridges! They were built in the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. So Luzhi has the reputation as a ‘Museum of Chinese Ancient Bridges’.
The distinctive traditional costumes worn by the women in the town are also fantastic. Both clothes and trousers are characteristically pieced together using different cotton materials in a variety of designs. In addition to wearing these clothes, local women are accustomed to wearing colorful kerchiefs and embroidered shoes. It is lucky for me to see such beautiful clothes in the pretty water town!

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