Great Forbidden City in my Beijing Tour

Last month I had a tour in China, Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai. It is such a gorgeous tour for me and it is just I have dreamed! I would like to share with you all my experience in the wonderful country.
The first city I visited is the capital Beijing. As I came in the Spring Festival time so there are so many colorful lights and festival decorations on the street, they are interesting, especially the little red handmade lantern!
My favorite attraction in Beijing is Forbidden City! It is something you should not miss when visiting Beijing. It is an incredible part of China’s history and the architecture is beautiful. I love the palaces, the golden roof and red wall stand out each other! The column and items in the palace is delicate and amazing, but visitor could only see them out of the door.
I spent almost a whole day with the knowledgeable guide Nancy from in the Forbidden City, she gave many helpful explanation and guide, and otherwise I would have not understood the meaning and sign of this ancient palace museum!
Besides Forbidden City, I have also visited Summer Palace, Great Wall, Hutong and Panda Hall and other interesting places with Nancy!
Hope you all have a wonderful trip in China just like me!

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