Yueyang Tower in China’s Hunan

Recently I had the chance to visit Hunan Province with my friends Ada. We had a quite relaxing trip there and enjoy many interesting attractions and typical food.
The first attraction our guide takes us to is Yueyang Tower. It is an ancient Chinese architecture and is located by the side of Dongting Lake. Our guide Tanya told us that it was the place where ancient celebrities get together to compose poems and essays. Although I could not understand the famous pieces on the tower but the beautiful roofs, tiles and sculptures are really amazing for me! And I knew that Yueyang Tower is known as one of the four famous Chinese towers. The other three are the Yellow Crane Tower in Hubei Province, the Penglai Pavilion in Shandong Province and the Tengwang Pavilion in Jiangxi Province.
After visit the Yueyang Tower we have a walk around the Dongting Lake, the early spring scenery were gorgeous. The green leaves and prink flower are lovely and I also saw some local families flew kites there. I thought the later it would become more attractive. Hope I could come in another season.
During my visit to Yueyang Tower, Ada and I had also tasted some local food. They all tastes a little bit spicy than other food I tried in other place of China. But they are delicious! I love a kind of rice noodle and if you are brave enough you could try a kind of fried black Tofu product!
I relay had a pleasant holiday in Hunan with my friend and the lovely guide. Thanks for all the people that help me plan the trip and hope you could also have good days!

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