Shanghainese Food in Shanghai

I have just come back from Shanghai this week. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai Museum and Yuyuan Garden is fantastic but what impressed me most is Shanghai Food!
In Shanghai, my guide Victor told me proudly that Shanghai food is so famnous and unique in China, so they earn a reputation Shanghainese Food. In the morning of my Shanghai trips, I have tried many delicious Shanghainese foods with him!
The first thing we tried is call Shanghainese fried dumplings. Victor said it was one thing you could not miss when come to Shanghai. I was told to poke a hole in the side in case the liquid is boiling inside. And then use the special vinegar created at the restaurant. It’s steeped with ginger and of course, being in Shanghai, has added sugar. With the vinegar in it, the fried dumplings do not taste oily and I eat five in one breath!
The next day I tasted pulled noodles with sesame oil. It looks simple but taste great! At the first time you see, it is just some noodle with oily sauce and green onion. But it realy taste amazing and not oily at all! It has a really fantastic flavor and reminds you of your home made food! Also you could order other food and put it in the noodle. It will have other versions at once.
The last day in Shanghai, I had something sweet, a traditional Macanese egg custard tart. Victor said Shanghai is a city in which you could taste different countries flavor food easily! The tart is a western food at the beginning but is absorbed by Shanghai people and become a part of Shanghainese food.
I really enjoy the Shanghainese food in my Shanghai tour and would like to taste more if I could go there again!

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