Water Splashing Festival in Yunnan

Last spring I went to Yunnan with my friends and had an amazing 10 days holidays there. It was so impressive and I hope I could come back this year!
Yunnan is a warm place, when we stayed there every day was always like a lovely spring day! I saw all kinds of flowers beside the street and the vendor sold them in the local market very cheap! One thing you could not miss is certainly the local market; you could find fresh vegetable, mushroom, flower and delicious local food there! Although some may look strange but once you try, you will fall in love with them!
The most impressive day in Yunnan for me is the Water Splashing Festival! Young persons of Dai will dress colorful and beautiful clothing at that day and splash water to each other to show their good wish to each other! Our guide Tom helped us get the local dress and shorts and join the crazy days! We became soaked through but excited during the splashing! The singing and dancing performance were also wonderful and even my friend and I were invited to take a part in it!
Tom told us there are lots of traditional festivals of these ethnic groups in Yunnan, such as Sanyuejie Festival of the Bai people, Splashing Water Festival of Dai and Torch Festival of Yi and Three Flowers Festival of Naxi People, etc. People could always find happiness in Yunnan!
I really love Yunnan and it is just a paradise for me! Hope to return in the future!
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