Chilly of Paradise in Harbin

I and my friends went to Harbin in early January 2012. Chinese New Year just around the corner, thousands of people was thronged around Beijing train station. Fortunately, the train is faster than ever before since D train put into used. The train Set off in the morning and arrive in this afternoon around 8 hours in whole journey.
Harbin’s temperatures are minus twenty by day and minus thirty by night. None of us had experienced anything like that before so were a bit apprehensive about how bad it would be. We walked for a further forty minutes but still couldn’t find any street signs or landmarks that corresponded to my map, so we finally had to admit defeat and wave down a taxi to take me to Modern hotel before we booked. They had a nice room for us so we took a shower then headed straight out for dinner.
The reason I had come all the way to Harbin in the first place was to see the famous ice sculptures of the ice festival. Frankly, those I had seen were not that impressive. I mean, they were ok. The Ice Lantern Festival is very well worth visiting though a little tacky, the ice and snow sculptures scattered all around the city are pleasant, for the rest Harbin is a lively and enjoyable city in an exotic landscape of snow and ice very in my mind well worth visiting even outside the Festival period. But let me give you a few tips while I’m still here in this frozen artistic Mecca.
1. Work with a travel agent who knows Harbin. They will get all tickets to all the right events/shows and Hotel. The hotel is better close to Central Avenue. It is very convenient to go around.
2. You would go in this order for visiting: Ice & Snow World (must not miss, only open at night), Zhaolin Park (also a night experience and right in the middle of the city), and the Snow Sculpture Art Expo on Sun Island (it’s only open during the day, it’s not as photogenic or stunning in its colors). There’s a huge fireworks display is held annually at the January 5 and in February.
Could you have enough courage to the chilly of paradise in Harbin?
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