Wuyuan: Wonderful Trip and Relaxing Vacation

I have visited Yuyuan this vacation and enjoyed a really relaxing time in the fantastic natural and man-made beauty.
If you would like to slow down, wander among old homes and smell the flowers, Wuyuan is definitely the best choice!
Wuyuan is in the northeastern Jiangxi province, dubbed “China’s most beautiful countryside”, features hills dotted with black and white homes. It has quite long history and has been the cradles of Huizhou culture Tang Dynasty. I really fell in love with these beautiful villages and buildings the first sight I saw them.
The walls of these traditional Anhui style buildings are inlaid with black bricks shaped like horse heads and that is why they get the name of “horse-head walls”. With the passage of time, rain and moisture have penetrated the white walls and have given them the watered down look of ink painting. And these buildings are also constructed at different heights to prevent fires from quickly spreading.
Besides its signature architecture, the county is also known for its fields of cole flowers. In spring, their golden petals blanket the horizon. In Jiangling village, the blossoms cover curved terraces, like luxurious brocade, cascading from hilltop to valley.
Walking along the white and black buildings in the peaceful village in Wuyuan, you will forget all the troubles in city life and abandon yourself in this paradise-like village.
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