Wonderful Sichuan in April

Panda and changing-face opera are what I always dreamed to see since I knew them in me senior high school. I have chosen travel agency, amend itinerary and finally confirmed the tour package of Yangtze cruise and Chengdu in late April with Beijing Chinaholidays.
In my heart, panda is absolutely the love symbol of Chengdu. So the first time I arrive Chengdu, my guide Anson brought me to the Panda Institute. In the natural and wide base, I saw the adorable animal closely and learnt some knowledge on them. Luckily, I even had the chance to do volunteer work for this endangered species, carrying bamboo, wash fruit and feed them! It is such precious experience for me and I will never forget it!
Sichuan opera is one of the oldest forms of Chinese opera, distinguished by face-changing, fire-spitting and other stunts. Regionally Chengdu remains to be the main home of Sichuan opera, while other influential locales include Yunnan, Guizhou and other provinces in southwest China.

The second night, I have the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic changing-face opera with my friends and guide. The theater is a traditional Chinese architecture and the decorations in it are charming. Four of us had a table and ate some snacks before the performance. When the performance started, we were immediately caught by each movement of these actors. They changed the face so fast that I could not tell the skill or technique they used. All the singing, dancing and changing-face are so amazing for me even though I could not understand what they say.
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