A new discovery in ancient Hangu Pass

Recently, a new discovery in Hangu Pass found by the Luoyang Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology suggests that Hangu Pass is not only a pass, but once was also a city. The discovery will contribute to the study of passes in the Qin and Han dynasties and the Silk Road’s application for World Cultural Heritage status.
Hangu Pass is located at Xin’an County. The extant ruins were repaired in 1923 and include a custom house, Jiming Tower, Wangqi Tower and the south and north walls of the pass.
The latest discovery suggests that Hangu Pass was a sophisticated defense system and city with a road, barricade, and fire tower beacon.
Archaeologists found the south and east wall of the city south of Wangqi Tower. In addition, they found a ramp way in the south wall of the pass city, which is thought to be a drainage facility. Ruins of the early road were found, which was likely to be a part of the ancient road of the Qin Dynasty, and foundations of houses were discovered nearby.