Find fun from China Science and Technology Museum

I have lived in Beijing for 4 years. If you ask me” what is the most interesting attraction in Beijing”, I will tell you without hesitation it’s certainly China Science and Technology Museum.

I got much time in my senior year as most courses completed. I wanted to seize the last year of my college to hang out. One of my roommates was a Beijinger, so I often asked her for suggestions. Once she told that China Science and Technology Museum was a good choice if I was looking for fun. To be honest, I was not that interested in her suggestion because I am the one who is always trying to escape all cutting-edge technologies. Nevertheless, since there was no better choice, I decided to kill my time there.

It was a sunny day. I went there with one of my best friend Susan. We were both lazybones, so when we arrived it was almost at noon. China Science and Technology Museum has four floors in all. We visited from the first floor. There were all China ancient inventions, such as seismocope invented by Zhang Heng, the waterwheel, all kinds of firearms and so on. There were also some games like Huarongdao and Chinese ring puzzle. When I was playing with Chinese ring puzzle, a kind-hearted old man came to me and showed me how to unlock it. I was eye-dazzling at his skillful movements and missed the point. The second floor saw a lot of western inventions such telescope and steam locomotive. We were both immersed in various inventions. The main thing we did at that time was deeply admired forefathers’ great wit and signed with our ignorance.

It was regretful that China Science and Technology Museum closed very early. We have to leave without visiting the other two floors. I believe I will return there one day. For more information please click