Trip to the amazing Summer Palace

Last Month, I had a visit to the Summer Palace with one of my best friend, David Lu, who visited me from Yantan, Shandong province.

It was really amazing experience for me because I never expected that the Summer Palace was full of flower trees. It was like magic that we walked on a road carpeted with petals. The historical buildings in it were fabulous and splendid with fine carving. The guide Linda from chinaholidays introduced the history of the Summer Palace and told every historical anecdote to us. It is firstly built for the roayal’s short stay from the imperial palace in Qing Dynasty and now has been protected as one of the most important attractions and UNESCO sites in Beijing. We had a good time walking through the historical buildings, enjoying the fresh air, blue sky, green water and pink flowers.

It was 10 o’clock am that we arrived and until 5 o’ clock when we left. Therefore, you have to prepare enough energy for it. If you are interested in historical buildings or you want to learn about the Royal’s lifestyle, you can visit for more information.