Charming Wuzhen Town Whether Heavy or Light Make-up

I have been longing for Wuzhen Town since I read an article about Wuzhen Town written by San Mao. I am from the north of China, the Yangtze River Delta appears in my dream for many times. In this Summer, I decided to see those watery towns and touch the humid land in person.

Wuzhen Town is roughly divided into two parts, the east and the west. Compared to the grace of the West, the East preserves more time trace. It’s similar to a plain elder always in peace, looking at travelers from a distance. In the alleys, we can see some half-open doors. Looking into the yard, old couples sit on cane chairs quietly. They want to open the door for fresh air but tired of noises, so they only keep the door half-open. We can scarcely meet young people there, because they are not used to living under others’ watch. There are also elders who enjoy crowds. They transformed their house into shops and barging with the young.

The crafting shops are mostly operated by the old. The young are not willing to learn those traditional handicrafts. The theater was playing Son GokuBull fight against the Demon King, I slipped into the backstage, there were five old crafters.

The west is more like a fantasy land rather than a watertown. It’s dressed up like a young lady. It’s integration of Chinese and western culture.

It was at night when we reached the West. It was gleaming in lights. I was lost in the pavilions and murmuring water for a while. Many tourists were attracted and stopped for photos. If you like watertowns, you can visit