Cold weather will not freezen people’s enthusiasm for Ice and Snow Festival

I have a grand aunt in Harbin. She has lived there for many years so I had never seen her since my birth. Last year, she invited my cousin and me to visit her. When the winter holidays started, my cousin and I took a train to Harbin without our parents accompanied.

When we arrived, my grand aunt said we came there at the right time because the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival was going to start.

Harbin International Ice Festival is one of world’s four largest international ice festivals, along with Japan’s Sapporo Snow Festival, Canada’s Quebec Winter Carnival, and Norway’s Ski Festival. It starts annually on January 5 and lasts usually to the end of February, weather permitting. During this period, people throughout the world take part in the various artist, cultural, athletic and tourist events.

Although it was beautiful when the city was covered by the snow and ice, I had to say it was suffering. It was -18℃ outside. The wind was so unscrupulous that I could feel it was cutting the meat on my face. When I walking on the street, snow carvings, ice lanterns, fireworks display and snow recreations poured into my sight immediately. As freezing the temperature, there were some people swimming in Songhua River. I turned to shake with the coldness as soon as I saw them.

It is a great winter festival. I think you shouldn’t miss it if you have time to travel around. You can find more information by visiting