Stepping into Grand View Garden of Dream of the Red Chamber

A senior college student always has much time to kill. To get out of the peak-hour traffic, we went to Grand View Garden at about 11 am on a weekday.

When we arrived there, it impressed me as a red building decorated with green trees. After stepping into the gate, we saw some word reads that it was built in 1984 for filming Dream of the Red Chamber. The structure and building style are loyal to the novel’s description. The roof with overhanging eaves and red woody gate speak ou

t Jia family’s power and honor.

We walked into Jiayintang Hall first where grandmother Jia did worship of Buddhism. There was a Buddha enshrined. Walking along a winding road, we arrived Hengwuyuan, Xue Baochai’s house. Standing in a environment covered with brambles made me uncomfortable just as what Xuebaochai impressed me, adept at scheming.

Then we stepped into a exhibition hall. There are main characters of the novel made of clay. They are placed in a glass box. In front of each character, there is a sentence which summarizes the character. On the wall hangs pictures of the “Twelve Hairpins of Jinling” I was quite regretful for unable to distinguish every character and the relationship amo

ng them.

Stepping westward, we saw a Rideau and a sign reads site where Lin Daiyu buried flower petals. Continuing walking, we arrived at Xiaoxianguan where Lin Daiyu lived. It is near Jia Baoyu’s residence, Hongyiyuan.

Another place impressed me is a hall on whose wall hangs many pictures and works of calligraphy. There were brush pens and ink on the tables.
The Grand View is not large, but a good choice to begin to learn about Dream of the Red Chamber, the greatest novel in Chinese history. If you are interested in Chinese culture, you can find more information on