Refresh myself in Gulangyu

It was a hot day, we walked towards Gulangyu following our guide from Beijing Chinaholidyas.

Alongside the road were flowers and trees. There was a taste of fleur and the solid. Sophia Yu, the guide told us how Gulangyu got its name. It was uninhabited island called Yuanzhouzai. Only some Egrets and sea gulls flied there and took a rest. At the end of Song dynasty, a fisherman met with storm and anchored on the Gulangyu. He found a rock higher than a man and would cause sound of honglonglong as drums. Since then he called the island Gulangyu.

After waiting for about 10 minutes, we boarded a cruise. White clouds floated on the sky. The wave lashed against the rocks,sending up pearly sprays.  The wide sea eased my mind.

Stepping into alleys of Gulangyu, I didn’t see noisy crowds and cars. There were many building of European style with nobody lived.

In the Crystal Cove, we got the opportunity to appreciate pianos from different countries, which were spared from the two world wars. The staff in the museum introduced the background of every piano and played a tune.

The beach was shinning with the sunshine. The white sea tide was washing the golden beach. Men rolled up their pants and women’s dresses danced with the wind.

I found a reef flat and warm. I lied down, enjoying the touch of the wind, bathing in the sun and listening to the sea tide. All these helped me forgot all sorrows and miseries. If you want to refresh yourself like me, you can find a beach tour by visiting