Qingdao,the paradise for travellers, gourmets, shopaholics and perfectionist

Surrounded by water on three sides, Qingdao is endowed with favorable sceneries thanks to its unique geographical setting. It was a foggy day this time we went to Qingdao. The buildings in the distance gleamed in the fog. The guide from Chinaholidays said buildings in Qingdao were of more than 26 styles. But I couldn’t count due to the fog.

The Qingdao City is built on a hill. The road is winding but clean. We expected fine view at every turn. And Qingdao has never let us down. Following the guide, Linda’s explanation, we saw Qingdao botanical garden, Huibin Square, German prison camps…..flashing before our eyes and falling behind the car. Out of the window, a man in sport suit was running. Only after I looked at my watch did I find that It was already afternoon. The fog made me insensitive to the time.

Qingdao is not only a travelling paradise but also a fairyland of entertainment, food

and shopping. If you are a gourmet, shopaholic or a perfectionist, Qingdao is an ideal

choice. In Qingdao, you can experience exotic customs without going abroad.

I love the Shaoguan Road best. It’s a plain road. However, the cherry blossoms

alongside the road impressed me a lot. Several new couples were taking wedding

dress photos standing against red gates.

If you are keen on freedom and warm, you can visit http://www.chinaholidays.com/city-tour/qingdao.html