Wuyi Mountain, a place of leisure

Wuyi Mountain, according to our tour guide, was just a huge rock on which yet you can travel for a whole day. It turned out true after we visited it. I found we climbed up from one side of the rock and then climbed down from the other side. The road was very narrow and you could see the green trees and water far away.

Why is the rock so famous? An ancient Chinese saying goes that “Any mountain can be famous with the presence of an immortal, and any river can be holy with the presence of a dragon.” But there isn’t any legendary immortal once living in the mountain. Our tour guide told us that it was famous for its Dahongpao tea. There is a tea tree on the mountain but can only grow a little tea, therefore, Dahongpao tea is very expensive.

Thanks to the abundant sunshine and high rainfall, Wuyi Mountain is heavily forested with a variety of flowers and trees.  The fresh air allured me to take deep breathes one after another. I have to say that it ‘s a perfect place for being a immortal by tasting tea and breathing fresh air here every day.

In the evening, we saw the documentary directed by Zhang Yimou Impression Dahongpao. The video taught people to live a free and easy life. It was lucky of us that it didn’t rain until we got back our hotel. If you are interested in Chinese tea culture, you can find more information by visiting http://www.chinaholidays.com/tours/top-china-tour.html