A night tour to Houhai

Houhai, located in Di’anmen Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, is famous for its noisy bars and restaurants today. But few people know that it was historically home to court officials and the city’s elite due to its proximity to the Forbiddent City.

Last month, a friend of my roommate, Miranda Zhang came to Beijing. After work, we went there together.

It was noisy exactly. Songs of various styles floated from bars beside streets.  We needed to speak loud in order to be heard. Sometimes we stopped at some bars and listened for a while. I was wondering whether some of those singers in bars would participate in talent show like Chinese Idols and The Voice of China some day.

In addition to a number of bars, there were also many traditional Beijing snacks. Compared with Wangfujing Snack Street, it’s a better choice. The price was more reasonable. The owners of snack shops were friendlier and the streets were less crowded.

The lake was sparkling under the light. Several boats were drifting on the surface. Most girls were dressed up and in fashion. It was really a good place to learn about modern life.

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