Tianjin, a city for cozy life

It’s convenient to visit Tianjin

 from Beijing. I have been there twice. The first time I went there for a friend’s birthday. The second time was for myself—I felt life too boring and wanted to find some excitement by myself. Although both were one day tour, the city impressed me with its cozy lifestyle.

There are many famous tourist attractions in Tianjing, including Dabei Temple, Tainjin Confucius Temple, Guajia Temple, Concession Zone of Wudadao, Xikai Cathedral ,Wanghailou Cathedral, The Drum Tower of Tianjin, Canton Assembly Hall, Huo Yuanjia Memorial Museum, Yangliuqing Museum, Huayun Museum, Dule Temple of Ji County, Huangyaguan Great Wall Scenic Area and so on. Due to the limited time, I only visited Yangliuqing Museum and Zhou Enlai-Deng Yingchao Museum. As Chinese know, there are three representative place famous for Chinese New Year pictures, they are Yangliuqing, Yangjiabu, Taohuwu. Yangliuqing Museum collected masterpieces of different ages, such of works of Qian Huian and Gao Tongxuan. In addition, there were more than 130 pieces of brick-carved sculptures. I was shocked by the amazing craftsmanship. Besides, paper-cuttings, clay figures were also in exhibition.

In eating, Tianjin is absolutely famous all over the country. Four Delicacies of Tianjin respectively Goubuli Baozi, Shibajie Mahua, Erduyan Zhagao and Maobuwen Jiaoziare the representatives of Tianjin Snacks, the famous local food also include Caoji Donkey Meat, Bazhen Sheep-Leg Mutton of Guanshengyuan, Luji Tangmian Zhagao, Baiji Shuijiao, Gaogan of Zhilanzhai, Guobacai of Dafulai, Kansubao of Shitoumen and Xiaobao Chestnut. Shida Sushaobing, Shijin Shaobing of Mingshunzhai, Miancha of Shanggangzi, Wangji Mahua, Doupijuanquan, Baiji Shuijiao, Jiamenzi, Luohandu, Shuligao, Pitangzhang, Tangdun, Chatanger and so on. These famous snacks are available in Nanshi Food Street, which was a famous calling-card of Tainjin in the aspect of cuisine.

If you are tired of busy life, Tianjin will be an ideal place to live a comfortable and easy life.