Changbai Mountain Tour

Last summer, I went to Changbai Mountain with my grandmother. Changbai Mountain boasts elegant natural sights, which lives up to its fame. Changbai Mountain attracts tourists with an air of generosity hidden in its grace just as the personalities of people in northern China.


It was 7:30 am on Aug 8, 2012. We took on the train toward Baihe station. The sky was turning bright in the east when we arrived in Yanbian. The hills and forests stretched from the far east to the far west. Alongside the railway blossomed unknown flowers. I was drunk in the scenery before us.

Changbaishan Tianchi is located in Yanbian, Jilin province. It was listed as the world nature reserve. The road to Tianchi was steep and rough though our government invested much money to build a hilly road and even set guardrail. I dared not look outside the window. When we were reaching the foot of Tianchi, I felt very cold though I wore a lot. Due to oxygen shortage and mental fear, it was hard for me to take breath and my legs were shaking. When I arrived at the top, my hand had been numb. At my first sight of Tianchi, I was shocked by the amazing view before me. There was a thin layer of fog above the water.

There is a legend about Tianchi saying that a monster lived in Tianchi and it would come out the water at dusk. If only I could have a look at it!

Then we went for the next destination, Changbaishan Waterfall. The waterfall was divided into several silver chains and rushed into the valley with water pearls splashing out. Because the altitude was low and we changed into summer dress. It began to rain when we were appreciating the natural beauty. We have to go down the mountain with many scenic spots not seen. But what I have seen was enough to impress me.

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, but do remember to prepare winter clothes if you are planning a visit.