Explore Landzhou along the Yellow River

On banks of Yellow River are buildings and streets. And this is Lanzhou City.

I used to see several Lanzhou natives drink white spirit. When a server came to ask what staple food they would like, they answered with one voice “our Lanzhou chow noodle”. Lanzhou chow noodle is famous across China. You can see many restaurants specially offer Lanzhou chow noodle in any part of China.

On the first day, I went to Five Springs Mountain Park. It’s built on a mountain. There are springs and temples on it. A statue of Huo Qubing, a well-known general in Han Dyansty stands at the entrance.

Walk along the southern bank of Yellow River, I met with a series of sceneries.

The first scenic spot was the Yellow River Mother Sculpture. She bends her right arm lying on the water and smiling looks at her child.

In TV series, Journey to the West, Lanzhou is a must path. Thus Lanzhou peple built this sculpture for the four main characters.

The Waterwheel Park is the only waterwheel- themed park in China. The waterwheel is a king of agriculture for watering crops.