Explore Jiuhua Mountain in a rainy day

It was a rainy day when we visited Jiuhua Mountain, located in Qingyang County in the south of Anhui Province. Jiuhua Mountain lies in a very beautiful landscape. On the north is the Yangtze River and on the south the Huangshan Mountain.   

Jiuhua Mountain is dotted with temples and misted with the smoke of burning joss sticks. It is one of the four sacred mountains for Buddhist pilgrims. It is known at both home and abroad as “the most worshipped sacred place” and “the first mountain in Southeast China”.

It’s full of marvelous ridges and peaks, exotic-shaped stones, gushing fountains, flying waterfalls, and clear streams. There are 99 peaks and 18 scenic spots. The peaks stand sheer against each other, yet they are all exquisitely beautiful. Uptowards the peak step by step, we arrived at Tiantai Peak. Tiantai Peak is to Jiuhua Mountian is what the Great Wall to China. So you can’t say you have been to Jiuhua Mountain if you fail to climb Tiantai Peak. There were many interesting stones whose shapes were out of my imagination. The Rock Stone impressed me a lot. There was a legend about it. It’s said that the stone was moved by the preaching and changed into a rock.

I met many Koreas who came here to worship the Buddha. The mountain also has become a bridge for Sino-South Korea communication.

If you have a religious belief, then come to Jiuhua Mountain. It will endow your heart with a pure land.